Good old days

Yesterday was not one of my better days. I didn’t feel too good, I felt alone and I was most dreadfully bored. So, as a part of my ‘Mission Perk Myself Up’, I took a long hot bath, slipped into bed and watched ‘The Sound of Music’ for the 20 millionth time and what do you know? I dint feel so bad anymore.

And that got me thinking..

Why is it that when we wanna feel warm and comforted, we automatically reach for an Enid Blyton?

Why is it that “A Christmas Story’ or ‘The Sound of Music’ is still the chosen movie to huddle under a blanket and watch?

Why is it that an old sweater is the one we slip into when we miss our home?

Why is Sophia Loren still the ultimate sex symbol?

Why do bright sunny days remind us of Harry Belafonte?

Why do the hairstyles of the yesteryears make us feel classy?

Why do we like B/W so much?

Why do our picture of a perfect family still have cottage in outskirts and farmyard in it?

Why is Yul Brynner still getting our hearts thumping?

Why is childhood so precious? So much so that even if he hardly remember it, we still like to think of it fondly.

Why are our first friends always almost our best friends?

Do do we always imagine getting married in an beautiful old church?

Why do old couple in love bring tears to our eyes?

Why do we always turn to Presley when we desperately need a song for the moment?

Why do Beetles still make us smile?

Why is yesterday always preferred to today?

Why is it always the good old days?

What is with us and our strange affinity for the past, for the old? What is it about them that makes us feel special, so reassured? What is it about the ‘old’ that takes the shine off the advanced and improved ‘new’.

I’ve always thought about it and never got an answer. Earlier I thought I was the only one with this affinity but I couldn’t have been more wrong. At first I thought it was cause they reminded us of happier days. But then, I can list a ton of those recent moments in my life too that makes me immensely happy. Hell, I wasn’t even born when half of these things happened and they are in no way related to my childhood, yet they bring a blanket of warmth with them. Why?

I dont know, Ive given up on this search. They make me feel good and I guess thats what counts. But if you guys do know the reason behind it, please feel free to drop a line.

PS: On a totally unrelated note, Don’t you just hate it when you are desperately trying to complete your post and the people around just cant stop talking to you? Aaaarh!! I hate it, hate it, hate it!! **Sigh**

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