Post IPL Blues


Breakfast was awkward today. Its been a day since the IPL came to close and the blues are slowly setting in. For the past month and a half, IPL has been the singular point of discussion around the breakfast table. Family matters, Cousin’s wedding, relative’s death, have all been assigned the supporting roles. They have all been mercilessly sidelined. We’ve only had eyes for the hero, for the Indian Premier League. “Did you see Marsh yesterday?”, ” Wasn’t Watson a dream?” ,” Watte match!” were some of the familiar rants around the table. But today, there was an awkward silence. An indefinite pause. We dint have much to talk about. Rajasthan Royals’ dream run has been spoken to death. Oh yes, Im feeling the post IPL blues already.

Its weird how all this is affecting me. There is absolutely nothing to watch on TV. Evenings minus the adrenalin rush is such a bore. There ain’t a smile or a frown on my face when I go to bed. For once in my life, I don’t like the straight face much. I miss the cute anchor, the one with the cute face and a sexy voice. Though I cant for the love of my life remember his name now. This is what happens when you look only at his face and forget to read his name that appears below. Will I ever see him again?? 😦 And most of all, I miss the silly team songs 😦 😦 I even miss the Set Max IPL song, “Karoooooooooooooooooooo…karo ya maro”. Damn!! I miss em all. 😦 But most of all, I’m gonna miss the high of seeing someone like Hayden play for Chennai or GIlchrist play for Hyderabad or Smith for Rajasthan. It gave me a pseudo sense of power. Ha! so what if you are an Australian or a South African? We, Indians have got the money to buy you out. How do you like that? Ha!! Yes, yes, as you can see, I revel in these cheap thrills. 🙂

But there is another part that worries me too. The part of me that has become quite fond of a few of these foreign players. Like Ntini, he’s such a monkey or Watson, he’s so cute and such a darling too. What about Shane Warne? The man Ive hated, though admiringly, wait..I think there is another word for it..Hmmm..Envy..Thats the word..The man Ive envied all my life. Cursed a million times. Wished dead almost at every India vs Australia match. And now, suddenly he is the nation’s hero. Like someone said, it wouldn’t be surprising if he won the Padmashree next year. 😛 Some weird twist of fate and loyalties and Shane Warne is the new national hero. It must be quite a high for him to go from national enemy to national hero. Wow!!

Now back to my, what if I have become so fond of them lot that the next time an international match is played, I unknowingly, subconsciously support them? :O Then what? What if I will for India to win but also wish for, say Watson to pick up 5 wickets? and what if God listens to only part of my prayer and let Watson pick his wickets and India lose the match? **Shudder** You think we have plotted our own downfall with the IPL?? Say a Hayden or a Symonds, they aint just an Australian anymore annoying Australian anymore but annoying Chennaite or Hydrabadian now! We have personalised them. Oh good lord, what have we done!! But then again, I think I overestimate our fidelity. We are the same folks who without missing a hearbeat, shifted gears and threw stones at Dhoni’s house. Flowers, stones, its all the same to us. We don’t mix our cricket and loyalties. Phew! I’m so glad for our fleeting fidelity.

Oh well, I think I will get over this. These blues shall pass. But I fear to think how lunch will be.

PS: I seem to have referred to a player as a monkey in the post above. This is to let you know that the reference was made in a purely friendly sense and that any similarities to any monkey living or dead( no matter how strong the resemblance may seem) is purely coincidental. The author of this blog means no harm. Shalom!

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