Game time!!!

Ok..So for once I have no clue what to write. My life has become rather uneventful of late. I like my life, sunny side up. I like a fair bit of melodrama in it, but I’m convincing myself that its the lull before the storm. Not in a negative way but in a happy positive way. Oh well, I hope it is, cause quite frankly, Ive been bored to tears of late, literally.

So, this is gonna be one of those train of thoughts type posts. You can quit reading now, if you want. I promise you, its not gonna get better.

Hmmmm..So..Lets play a game called, “What does this remind you off?” Tada!!! I’m gonna pick random items from my room and then you gotta tell me what that reminds you off. Simple enough? Except I’m home alone today, so I am gonna be playing this by myself. Yes, yes, I know..How entertaining,right? Anyways, lets not waste anymore time and jump right in to the game. (On second thoughts, considering how bored and jobless I am, I should be aiming at wasting as much as time as possible..aah…nevermind)

Telephone – Yellow. The colour, not the song. I dint really have to explain that now, did I?


Loooooooooooooong conversations about nothing.

Abhishek Bachchan’s Motorola ad. Chipped nails, cause in my Gma’s place we have these ancient telephones and dialing a number is guaranteed to chip your perfectly manicured nails. Ugh!!

Headphones – Call centers.

The weird, 2 gold chain wearing uncle who goes jogging past my house at 11:30 am everymorning. Yes, yes, he listens to music on a headphone with a mic. wtf. And I’m pretty darn sure he is listening to Boyzone or BSB or some band like that. (Psst: Remember the time when we could feel the pain in their songs? πŸ™‚ )

Fan – Balloons.That stems from my family’s intense liking for sticking a bunch of balloons on the fan for any and every birthdays we host. Its cute how happy they become just looking at the balloons go round and round. Simple pleasures!

Hmmm..and ya, those hot clammy days in Coimbatore. The fan in my hostel room had a mind of its own. Really. It dint listen to the switch not did it listen to the regulator. It was its own master, which meant that during those cold nights if would suddenly go full speed and freeze us to death and during those hot clammy days, it would refuse to budge. Mean bastard!!!

Curtains – Bright orange. Bright Green. All bright colours, thanks to those ready made curtains that are available everywhere.

Sound of Music. Aah!! Those drapes looked so cute on the kids.

Celine Dion and the song, ” Its all coming back to me now”. I am as stumped as you are.

Stairs – Shopping Malls. Escalators. Running up an escalator that is going down. We actually got cheered by a bunch of people for trying it out once in Garuda Mall, Bangalore.

Stair masters. Ugh!! Exercise. Blah!!

Old movies. There always always had to have a scene where the villain is shown coming down an elaborate staircase with a wooden handrail and ya, the stairs have to have a red carpet on it.

Calenders – Holidays!!

Well..ya..just holidays!!

Pillows – Hugs. Loads of hugs.

Fights. Ive always wanted to get into a pillow fight where I actually accidentally end up tearing my pillow. Not just that, then these pretty white feathers have to float around the room. All in a pretty, cute, good way. Not in the mental patient losing control type of way. No. No, that would be all wrong.


And the song, ‘Hopelessly devoted to you’ from Grease.

Television – Those TV rooms in the hostel. Those cricket matches. The movies. Everything on TV was celebrated. I guess it happens when about a 100 girls cram into one room to watch the TV. Aaah!!! Those were testing times but good times..

Close up Antakshari. I don’t know. I just remembered that.

My paranoia about accidentally hitting Auto Tune at the end of 2 hours of grueling Manual tuning and sorting of all the channels. This used to happen a lot earlier and hence the paranoia.

Hip Hip Hurray. I think thats the first serial I watched on television. Don’t know how many of you remember that. It used to come on Zee TV on Wednesdays, like about 10 years ago.

Door – The silly knock knock jokes.

Losing the key to my room and having to wait outside the door for like 4-5 hours before my roommates returned from a movie. This was a regular affair in college.

Painful memories of having lost a finger nail it.

3 Doors Down.

Ha!! Not bad. That game kinda kept me occupied for a while. Besides, it kinda reminded me of a lot of other things and ya, it did make time fly. Funny na, how small things around the house can remind you so many other things. And what do you know, we also have a post. Lalalalalalalalalalalaaa…. πŸ™‚

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  1. Haha…That was nice time pass even to read….
    Maybe I’ll play that game when i’m all alone at home….
    hehe n even my fan until yesterday was out of its mind (if it had one!!)…Never obeyed my orders u know….

    And abt the headphones i too notice an old orthodox lady goin for a walk at 5am in the morn with head phones on. Any guesses what she’s listenin to…?? WHen i’m ot of ma mind (which i would if i got up at 5) i would imagine her listenin to Micheal Jackson..!!

    Anyway, Keep Posting..


  2. Where’s the post on love marriage shmarty pants?! You can’t weasel out of it. You promised. Or I’m going to think, your last post was planted by

  3. Grl … I was about to quit when you asked me to … but then something happened …

    I went on to read the next line .. in that process, i forgot ur warning.

    I read about fan regulators … I like to share a revelation:

    We used to wake up at 5 in the morning. Even if we slept at 4 in the morning. The secret :

    We used to have regular power cut offs every morning at 5. That too in the months of summer.
    By the time we woke up, there used to be mosquitoes buzzing off here and there (u know where) practically everywhere( … remember here there everywhere … ) … πŸ˜›

    So we(practically every guy who wants to clear engineering exams without getting malaria !) get up and then carry out beds (single beds – u know how hostels are), pick up a water bottle, pick up the pillow, and then race up the stair case … right to the terrace.

    Pick up a nice spot(where the sun rays wont disturb) and snooze off till 9AM … get up at 9 … frantically lift up ur bed, move straight to the room. Regulator on 5 … zzzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz

    Bugger regulator doesnt seem to work 😦

  4. The things that the things you picked up remind me of… (Im bored too , today)


    BILLS!! My Bff, my bf ;), Abhisekh Bachchan (Since my phone is Rokr)


    Voice chats, India calling (used to be a show on callcentres)


    Polo (My fan used to have a polo-the mint! in the middle…Well it used to look like the polo mint )


    My dream was having nice satin and lace curtains..


    Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla


    That 19th July is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo far away!


    Hugs πŸ™‚ Winnie the Pooh..(thats my fav pillow)


    Wonder Years and Ally Mcbeal..


    Knock knock knocking on heaven’s door!!! πŸ˜›

    Ahhhhh!Finally done! πŸ™‚

  5. Have had the time only to scroll through the post..was a dejavu feeling..
    As i was reading i kept looking at the post after that(that irritaing habit of being a glutton and wanting to absorb everything in that particular moment..especially when one needs to finish some crap at work and someone might be waiting at the other end of my virtual world just to review that while chewing his finger nails..!)..

    The point being i think i will like what ur blog has in store..and since i am irritatingly opionated..i shall let some of it spill by way of comments..have a nice day!

  6. Now i got somethin to write from this…..
    Gud scribble…..

    by the way….I got my passport finally…..:)

  7. he he…gud stuff…

  8. i like ur writing..nice work there.. πŸ™‚

  9. well well. u manage to produce gems even wen u dint really set out to. a venture in boredom got out something this interesting? how kool is that? [:)]

    and hey u know what? u can even tag people on this πŸ˜›

    ok ok i know u hate tags. still…whadda u think?

  10. “Ive always wanted to get into a pillow fight where I actually accidentally end up tearing my pillow. Not just that, then these pretty white feathers have to float around the room. All in a pretty, cute, good way. Not in the mental patient losing control type of way.”

    hehe…i like d way u write…d posts on marriage r a good read too πŸ™‚
    n thnx 4 visiting πŸ™‚

  11. girl!!! u really were a bit too bored probably!!
    and once even i thot of jogging wid my XXL headphones wid mic!!! but thankgod it started raining tat day!!
    anyws.. nice time pass… i’ll try it out sumday!

  12. woaa

    the topic is good

    i liked the way u presented it

  13. Hahha.. that’s a gud timepass game..

    But calenders is what brings out the interest in me too..

    When am in college I use to look at the calender for long weekends where we can get 2-3 days of continuous holidays…

    and now when going to work.. I continue looking for the same.. Calenders are the ones which we will not leave for the life… if not for the dates and days but for the holidays…

  14. interesting…
    and a good hobby to pass time…
    the moment i finished reading ur post i started experimenting myself… =)

  15. hey m adding u to my blog… cuz i guess i liked it..
    n plz visit mine too n if u feel it worthwhile add me to ur blogroll as well… πŸ™‚

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