Happy Woman to the rescue!!!

Have you ever wondered how life would be if you were a superhero? Would be interesting, wouldn’t it? I have it all sorted out, no girl tags for me. I wanna be a “something” woman, I’m yet to think of a name, though I’m sure I will have a name by the end of this post.

Girl tags kinda makes me feel like I am the winner of some sub contest at a beauty pageant. Before all the beauty queens out there start baying for my blood, lemme explain. I know its not easy being a beauty queen, but somehow I cant help thinking its easy. I should know better, I have trouble letting a bar of chocolate sit in the fridge peacefully, without trying to devour it. Given the struggle it takes me to give up a chocolate or a slice of cheese, you think I would know the hardships of learning to live counting calories. You would think. Oh well, lets just ignore my sentiments for beauty pageants. I like being ignored once in a while.

You know whats the best thing I like about a superhero? The superhero pose; hands at your waist, chin up and the slight thrust of your chest and oh ya, the ever so slight smile on your lips. Somehow, its the superhero pose that makes them so awe inspiring. Oh, and I know this sounds cheesy, but I love it when they give a mock salute after having saved the day. I find it so irresistibly charming. So when I become a superhero, expect loads of that.

My super power will be Happiness. That I decided long time ago. I know it sounds stupid but I’ve always wanted to be..errr..Happy Woman (Think woman..think..you need a better name..) isn’t that what we strive for at the end of the day? I mean, we work hard to earn money so that we can live happily, we search for our Mr Right (or Miss Right..These days you can never be sure 😉 ) to have the fairly tale ending and live happily ever after. Hell, we even make a beeline for those pubs with Happy hours..So, too cut a long story short, you see, its all about being happy and that is precisely my power. A flick of the wrist and happy blasts will come through and save the day. About these happy blasts, the instant picture I get in my mind when I speak of them is a cloud of those Yahoo emoticons, all of course the happy smilies. Oh ya and I can fly and lift weight and blast through things. Superheroes have to fly. Defying gravity is very important. Perhaps after retirement I can put to use all these powers to have my very own amusement park. Thats another thing Ive always wanted to own.

And my clothes..hmmm..I don’t think I can carry off those body suits thats such a rage amongst the superhero folks, so I have to think of something else. Oh but it will definitely be black. I know, black doesn’t go with a picture of happiness, but I’m gonna make a change here and besides I look the best in black. I can’t risk wearing pink and look like a bubble gum when I fly around saving people. So black it will be and not figure hugging. See, the plus side of wearing a slightly lose garment is that, I get the ride of a lifetime every time I fly around, what with the air circulation and everything..Ooo..gives me the goosebumps just thinking about it. So, thats settled then, its gonna be black, its gonna be slightly loose and and ya, there has to be a cape. There is something so sexy about a woman wearing a cape. Oh well, seeing how much I suck at putting together an outfit for me, I think it will be a wiser decision to leave it to my designer to come up with something striking for me to prance around when I shed my regular girl image and become…HAPPY WOMAN!!!!

Well, its almost the end of this post and since I still haven’t come up with a better name than Happy Woman, I guess this will just have to do. There is more that I have to tell you but wait, is that a distress call I hear?? Hang on tight folks, HAPPY WOMAN TO THE RESCUE!!!! 😀

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  1. you wanting to be a super hero sort of person :p

    any way well written

    btw i guess am visitin ur blog for first time

    am sure will visit again 🙂


  2. Even i grew up wanting to become a superhero only to discard the idea later wen i realized that wearing underwear above one’s pants wasn’t a very gud idea 😉

  3. Even I grew up wanting to become a superhero only to discard the idea later when I realized that it wasn’t perhaps a good idea wearing underwear above pants 😉

  4. Whatever happened to our good ol’ Buttercup??

    Is she retiring, or is she wanting to come as a new avatar as HAPPY WOMAN :O

    ‘Buttercup’ sounds better to the dirty male mind, much more than Happy woman! 😉

  5. @Nalin

    LOL..Im sure you will still look cute.. 😉

    @ Sid

    Buttercup is no superhero..She is my alter ego..Now, Siddo, there is a fine line between a superhero and an alter ego..I think you are getting a lil mixed up. Getting a lil old aint we? 😉

  6. madam never replies to my comments. and sadly wordpress doesnt send u an alert in case she does.

    happy woman?? nice concept..spreading cheer and joy..santini claus eh? [:P]

    black is a good color, i love black too

    jus wondering what ur costume would look like. mebbe u cud follow other superheroes and wear the right thing in the wrong place, undies over the hotpants:P

    lol..so thtd make u nappy mein bhi happy..happy woman [:d]

    btw, u post too often, no wonder u dun get enuff comments. m,ebbe u shud space out ur posts, thts wat i do. ppl tend to read only the last post


  7. @Chris,

    Of course I reply to your comments. 😀 Perhaps you missed em..

    And about spacing my posts, well, it will eventually happen. But now I have way too much time to spare and too many thoughts going on in my head, which explains a post everyday. Besides, though I like my comments, thats not the only reason I post. So its ok..But thanks a ton for the suggestion. 🙂

  8. hey thanks for the comments in my blog..
    nice post…
    black is good colour… and yea.. we indeed need sum good air circulating clothes.. ek dum desi A.C clothes.. maybe wear a saree or sumtin lol…
    hehe tht must be funny supewoman wid a saree and jaadu… lol
    nice posts keep blogging… tc..

  9. You could be the first Desi Super-heroine in a **drum roll** (Since I know you know you like drums and rolls) .. a SALWAR KAMEEZ It’s loose and airy and the dupatta could be your cape. I am a genius, I know.

  10. wow! looks like you’re toying with the idea of being a superwoman…very well written. and i luv ur blog!

  11. Don’t you need an identification mark? Like a huge smiley or something that you can leave your mark on. Like a zorro type of thing.

    “happy woman was here”. Yeah I can see the grins on that one..

    and what’s more, you get greeted every day. Happy birthday, happy easter, happy and gay..

  12. one more thing…i think black will be fine coz evenbatman wears black [:p]

  13. Grl … ur suit was good … the black one … have a happy smiley thing on it … might convey what u r when you save the world for the first time.

    Otherwise people might confuse you with bat girl (but she did not have the following cuz robin stole it with his Holy Bat dialogues :

    Look at this one for example :

    Robin: “I want a car. Chicks dig the car, right?”

    Batman: “This is why Superman works alone.” )

    I am really happy for you happy Woman. Hope u come to my rescue too !


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