World domination, here they come…

In retrospect, I think that perhaps we were better off without these darn social networking sites. Yes, i mean Orkut, Facebook and million others. Life was simpler, ‘ keep in touch’ meant more than just send me a scrap, evenings meant hanging out with friends, realtime and not online. Life was easier and to an extent I think life was more genuine. I don’t mean to rob these sites of its glory, oh no, thats not the idea cause I know there are millions out there who will swear by these sites but point here is that these sites have steady taken over our lives and we haven’t even realised it or even if we have, we don’t seem to care.  Hell, I dint even realise how my life had begun to revolve around it until last month when I suddenly realised that I seem to be spending most of my waking hours on these sites, a window leading to these sites was always..ALWAYS open, lest I miss an interesting discussion in a community, or I miss a scrap or whatever. Reasons are plenty. Tons of people have forgotten to sleep too . For what? To post, to argue , to basically not miss a beat of your online life.

I think its all the same. Remember the earlier chatroom addiction? When everyone was online randomly chatting away wiith some stranger who claimed to be 25/M/Sydney or 19/F/Dhaka or whatever. When we shed our realtime persona and became the person whom we always dreamt of becoming? Well, this is just that, except its got a dignified tag this time around, social networking.

Its funny how the first thing we say when asked about these sites is that they reconnected you with long lost friends. True. Very true, for it does. But with how many of those reconnected friends are we truly in touch with? Was it worth reconnecting? Did you want to reconnect? I remember getting this friend request from someone who claimed to have gone to the same college I did. His claim to friendship was that he has seen me around in the canteen a few times. Well, if we was so keen on being my friend, why dint he just speak to me then? Why wait till you stumble on my profile on orkut and then talk? I don’t understand the logic behind it.

There are times when I miss the long telephonic conversations with friends, catching up on all the news about our mutual friends. Those emails/letters that come with news of how a certain X went from being single to hooked, how Y left India and how Z got a job. Somehow listening to them from your friend who painstakingly collected these information from another friend and now expects you to pass it on to your friends, cannot me matched by the auto generated Updates that most of these sites have. The charm is lost. The excitement is missing.

But we’ve gained new friends too. From amidst the ten million people we see online every day in every community, one or two tend to become good friends. Friends who are tangible, friends who seem like people you went to school with, friends so real that you forget you found them online. And for those few friends, dear networking site, I thank you. I really do.  But you have effectively made the term ‘ Friends’ lose its morality too.  Everyone is a friend online, even if you dont know them. Sad!

Oh and the communities, interesting they are cause its a replica of a college, each community. Each of them have its own ‘resident bitch‘, who will sweet talk you in the community and then talk behind you in IM’s. A ‘mother hen’, who is busy pairing up her kids and is constantly checking after your well being in your online hours, a ‘know it all ‘ who will point out every little mistake in your posts and whats more, will correct it and send you ten thousand links to prove their point, a ‘bully’ who likes taunting, even if its just online, a ‘PYT ‘ who has the boys vying for her attention and a ‘hunk’ who will have girls eating out of his hands. We have them all, even the ‘slut/sex crazed manic’ who cannot make a point without the cover of innuendos. These and so many more specimens, you just need to look and they are all there, one big seemingly happy family. Just one question, Don’t we have enough of them in our lives without having to add the online versions as well?  Just a random question.

They are all interesting, all there, all present and all so weirdly addictive that inspite of it all, you tend to place them over your realtime life, your realtime friends. Look at that, friends and life are not just friends and life anymore, they have cateogries, realtime and online.

So, what was I saying? Oh ya, yes, in retrospect, I still think we were better off without them darn social networking sites.

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  1. nice observation [:P]

    i though feel orkut was a godsend. mebbe it is for all introverts. i somehow am not able to speak up in person, not too soon anyway, but the anonymity we enjoy in networking sites, and the time we get to measure our words helps.

    ive made some really wonderful frnds on orkut, whom id have otherswise never met. and theyre always there to lissen wen i pour my heart out.they motivate me.and i can proudly cout em among my best frnds. and were always in tuch , on messngers, phone, etc

    blogging ais great too. no one knew i had talents(ok im boasting now:p)

    anyways,to each his own 😛

    oh yea, ur right abt the community thing, not too many samples on our community i hope 😛


  2. But with how many of those reconnected friends are we truly in touch with? Was it worth reconnecting? Did you want to reconnect? I remember getting this friend request from someone who claimed to have gone to the same college I did.

    I am sure you can count on your fingers at least three people who are your closest friends now.. one of whom you have never really met. 🙂 I know you mentioned it later.. but still.

    May I please play the identify the Mother Hen, The Know It All, The Bully and The Slut(s) :-D. I just KNEW you were talking about FM, you gochu galli!!!

  3. Finally , i get mentioned 😀

    sotto voice ” be careful nini ur blog might get picked on in FrOd Mallllu, if u need help with buttercup pissing on the mod avtaar just buzz me ” …..

  4. @ Deej and Manu

    LOL..Yes, it quite sounds like FM, doesn’t it? But thats not the only community I had in mind. Every community, wait, most of the communities have these stereotypes. Like I said, all you need to do is look and they are there waiting to be identified.

    And Manu, yes, if the need arises you shall hear from me 😀

  5. See…the point is that these social networking sites save me a lot of money…And money is of prime importance for a pauper like me 😛
    But then on a serious note..yes I agree that it has altered your way of interacting with your friends…But then its a personal choice..We aren’t being forced to make an account and we aren’t being forced to do anything!

    And see a genius like me wouldn’t have been reading your blog if it was not for orkut..okay the chances of me reading your blog otherwise were slim 😛


  6. LMAO!!! Holy cow!!! I know all those people you mentioned…Like Manu and Val mentioned, you sure are capable of kicking up a controversy on FM!! Watch your steps there..there’ll be people baying for your blood, or just plain grateful for all that attention!! 😛

  7. Interesting…How all of you thought I was referring to a single community..Just goes to prove that my assumptions are right. These stereotypes do exist and people have taken notice..Interesting..

    Soozmatiz..this situation is true to many other communities as well.. 😀

  8. Just realized that I recognize most of the blog commenters from your scrapbook 😐

    And bleddy hell, it SO applies to everything else. As a fellow blogger mentioned.. a chat window/networking site isn’t all that different from a coffee table.

    Love your colour theme btw 😛

  9. Yeah.
    Its quite right.
    I hate blogging.
    I hate scrapping.
    I hate typing even more.
    But If I stop doing what I hate then I will be not in touch with my friends, won’t be able to make new friends etc.

    Everything has pros and cons its upto us to parse out what’s good and what’s bad and accordingly schedule our time.

  10. i so agree =|

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