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Dear Diary,

Today was scary. I woke up from a dream where I was BALD. Can you imagine? Me, the hair obsessed woman, who will think 20 million times before having a centimeter of my hair cut was Bald (yes, with a capital B. Its an important thing for me, this being Bald business) and whats interesting was that, I dint seem half as bothered about this in my dream as I am now. Dreams make me jittery. Well, not all dreams, but some of them like this. Cause I then spend the rest of the day wondering if the powers were trying to tell me something or if its a warning that I’m gonna be losing all my hair soon or something to that effect. Somehow which ever route I chose to follow, it all ends with me dying. So you see, its hardly surprising how I become jittery when I see dreams like these. But at the same time, these dreams are few and faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar in between. At most othertimes, I have dreams that I like to remember and don’t mind musing over the entire day, like Saurav Ganguly hiding out under my bed in the girl’s hostel or how Raikkanon came to Kerala and how no one recognised him but me and how we made him yummy biriyani and stuff like that. You get the drift na, happy dreams, they make up most of my sleeping hours. 9 out of 10 times, I remember my dreams completely, which is both good and bad at once.Its a curse. I realise that. With great powers like these comes great responsibilities and I need to handle them well. (Well, in the ‘Quick guide to knowing me’, I did tell you how fond I am of making profound statements na, well, this is your live example.)

Diarykins, today was also my niece’s first ever day in school. She looked adorable in the tiny uniform and what was the cutest was the way she looked all determined and how she had set her face in this this-is-not-child’s play kind of look. I could see that my sister was having a hard time letting the little one go. I mean, its not like she is going forever , but in someways this is the beginning of letting go. Once you begin school, then time just flies and before you know it she will be in college with a complete different set of priorities and somehow that complete dependence on you, that you so treasure now, will be gone. I guess its difficult for mothers to accept and I know that my sister knows that this is the beginning of ‘letting go’ which makes it all the more harder for her. Phew! thats enough of serious talk for today. Now, coming back to my niece, today while she was getting ready for school, she kept up this non stop talk about how she will become a doctor when she grows up (Check out these kids, they have plans already. I was clueless till I was 13. I dint even wanna be anything until then) and then suddenly she changed her mind and decided to be a police officer and this went on and on. So, at the end of it all, my sister was like, I hope you study hard so that you can become whatever you want when you grow up. At this my niece looked visibly shocked and she said, “What studies? I thought you just grew up and became someone..Do we have to study for it?” LOL.

That was the first time I thought about it. Its funny na, how we always talk about growing up and becoming something,, but studies never figure in the equation. No one ever says ‘ I wanna grow up and study hard and become a doctor.’ Its always, ‘ I wanna grow up and become a doctor’, like becoming something is the side effect of growing up. Its mildly funny how it took a four year old to point it out. Imagine how she must have felt when she figured studies are a part of the equation. She looked positively cheated. πŸ˜€ Poor lil thing.

Anyways, I guess those are the major incidents for day. I gotta split now. See ya soon Diarykins!! Muah!!

– Me!!

PS: I dont like this title business. What do I do about posts like these for which I cant think of any? :(:( Ban the titles I say!! πŸ˜›

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  1. hahaha! look what i wrote 3 and a half year back (i’m copy pasting the entire piece, please skip any kind of mistakes/immaturities i was only 17 then!)

    the “Hair” story.

    Once upon a time …. yeh actually THAT long, I wasn’t into my waxings and pluckings and all that anti-hair stuff; but Enough of being too “Natural” – Enough of being the “Hairy” potter, i finally decided to have them done… with some “ouchhss” and “yikes, it hurts” … “ahh” I let out a soothing sigh, a palpable sense of relief . no lesser then “Me”. I am finally ready to move out “yaayy”

    and for the scalp, someone had said ” Accountants to ganjay hi huwa kertay hain” pronto I peeked at my image glistening in the mirror, glared at the comb with myriad strands of my Hair, and Nodded “How true!!!”

    I dont wanna be the “first” Bald woman… N0ooo

  2. and lols, yeaah how sad it is? we always consider that growing up means becoming something/one, as if it is a consequence of growing up, as if its so hard to just GrowUp. poor little thing, it was early for her to realize that life is so brutal! but then the sooner, the better!

    I am always good at putting up titles, you can take my help next time you know πŸ˜‰

  3. Thanks Asby,

    So next I come knocking at your door at odd hours, worry not, I was just looking for a title.. πŸ˜€

  4. Being a bald woman isn’t so bad, some of them actually look good and can carry it off. πŸ™‚

    -Dear Diary

  5. Of course..of course..Some people carry it off so bloody well that just by looking at them I know I will not be able to carry it off..

    PS: Hair or no hair, you are lovely all the same πŸ˜€

  6. How could u miss me in the major incidents for the day, how cud u Nini…. [ where’s that glycerin bottle ]..

  7. Well for one, I wrote the blog before you announced the your footballing story..Nonetheless, freeze the glycerin..thou shall receive an honorary mention tomorrow!!! πŸ˜€

  8. i somehow can never remember my dreams.

    i only remember them when theres a deja vu experience.

    kids say the darndest things :p i remember i used to say i wanted to become a priest[:P]

    i wanna be so many other things even today


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